Thursday, 19 April 2012

NEICHORU/GHEE RICE pressure cooker method....step by step

Ingredients :
Ghee rice  -1 &3/4 of glass(i use my drinking water glass)
Onion -1/2 of a medium sliced\
Whole spices - cardomom,cloves 3 each
and cinnamon stick 2 small pieces
Curry leaves - a few
Lemon - 1 small piece
Water - 2 & 1/2 glass
Salt - as required
Ghee -3-4 tbsp

1.Wash the rice carefully and drain well (i used jeerakashala).In a bowl,take 2 &1/2 glass of water and keep it ready.
2.Heat a pressure cooker ,add ghee and to this add onion,whole spices ,curry leaves and just saute(dont wait to brown,so that  rice colour may change,since i wanted to take was getting brown).

3.Add 2 and half glass of water,add salt and small piece of lemon and allow it boil.

4.When the water starts boiling,tip in the washed rice slowly.
5.Cover the lid and cook on medium heat until 2 whistles and switch off .Allow it to stand for 3-4 min
and put the covered cooker under tap water to release the pressure (be careful) completely.
6.Take out and open the lid .

7.Now,using a fork seperate the rice well
Serve hot!!!

1. Always keep rice & water ready before u start preparing .
2.My pressure cooker is of 3 litre capacity,1 &3/4 glass of rice fill in it.Calculations may vary.
3.Dont keep beyond 5 min to release pressure,it may get over cooked.

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