Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Ingredients :
Ladyfinger biscuits - 1 packet
Dream whip - 2 or3  packets
Fresh cream -1 tin
Dark choclate - 1/2 cup grated to sprinkle
Sugar - 4 tbsp or as u prefer
Dark coffee -1 cup ( can use espresso or any instant coffee powder)
Cocoa powder - to sprinkle

1.In a glass ,prepare one cup coffee.(add 4 -5 tsp instant coffee powder or espresso to 1 cup warm water).
Keep this in freezer to cool.
2.In a large mixing bowl, beat dream whip according to the packet instruction in an  electric mixer until soft
and fluffy, add 4 tbsp fine sugar to it and beat well.
3.Add  one tin fresh cream and beat till combined well for 2-3 minutes.
4.Remove the cold coffee from freezer and add a drop to the whipped cream mix and mix well, pour the rest of coffee to a large wide bowl so that ladyfingers can be dipped.
5.In a casserole dish, arrange the lady finger as bottom layer by dipping each into the cold coffee(juz dip and take out,dont allow to soak) and layering as a bed(u can break lady finger to fit to the bowl).
6.Spread the whipped cream  mix evenly over the ladyfingers.
7.Sprinkle grated choclate shavings and sieve cocoa powder over it.
8.Do the next layer the same way,first arranging the layer with coffee dipped ladyfingers and then with whipped cream mix , sprinkle choclates and sieve cocoa powder over it.
9.Refrigerate in freezer and remove 20 minutes before serving.

1.This is not the original tiramisu recipe which yields for zabaglione method and uses mascarapone cheese,itz just my own creation.
2.You can use mascarapone cheese in place of fresh cream and ready heavy whipping cream for dream whip.
3.Do the layer as much u need,itz ok if one, two or three...i made of two layers.
4.Can replace sponge cake or pound cake in place of ladyfingers,if u dont find it.(juz remember not to over soak )

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